Image courtesy of Vicki Davis

Alright — Stop! Collaborate and Listen: Radical Collaboration is the New Normal

  1. Don’t think of people as the competition. That comes from a scarcity mindset. There is so much abundance in the world with really smart people doing really incredible things. People are proof of the concept that your idea works in the market and are potential teammates. We get to stand on the shoulders of giants.
  2. Everyone has superpowers. Knowing that people are teammates, rather than competition, there is an immense collective intelligence in any room (or Zoom). What are your superpowers? What is there’s? With our powers, combined- we can be Captain Planet.
  3. Identify the place of Inequity. There are all kinds of stupid solutions that are false fixes. Find them. Talk about these problems with your new super coalition.
  4. Yes and. “Yes And” is an improvisational concept that you are always finding a way to agree with someone, a way to continue the conversation, a way to be open and more collaborative.



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