D&D is Radical Collaboration

Let’s Make Radical Collaboration a Game of Dungeons & Dragons.

D&D is truly a magical game. I started playing it at the end of the pandemic with a friend as a vehicle to reconnect, and then I was invited to a full virtual table campaign. And it goes without saying…


I never have to worry about ICE harassment or deportation because I am a white woman. If things get dire during COVID-19, I can walk up, grab a bag of food, and be on my merry way.

ICE is someone’s everyday reality. It is just another Tuesday for my neighbors…


The first wave of COVID shock has subsided, and yet nonprofits are on the front lines saving lives every day with food and basic human needs to people who never thought they would need it. Your reliable volunteer workforce is no…

Vicki Davis, MPA

Is building a more connected & purpose-driven community . She is an expert relationship manager, passionate servant leader, & an exponential impact generator.

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